Please reopen ISSUE-10

I was just trying to connect several threads on the definitions of
party, first party, and third party and found that ISSUE-10
(What is a first party?) was closed on April 11 (at the DC f2f).

That doesn't make any sense -- we have not been able to reach
consensus on any of those definitions.  So, I looked at the meeting
minutes and find that it was closed because the "three proposals
under discussion" had roughly the same definitions.  Huh?

First, the WG has never signed off on any of those proposals, so
I don't care if they had rough agreement -- none of them addressed
the problems previously raised, they did not result in only
one option being chosen in the compliance, and they didn't even
come close to consensus.  Clearly, the issue is undecided.

Second, when an issue is proposed to be closed at a F2F, I expect
to see a ping on the mailing list so that those not in attendance
(or those who simply looked away for 10 seconds) can review the
decision and raise concerns.  That did not occur here.  In fact,
there was nothing to note that the issue had been closed except for
the changelog within tracker, which gave me a date, which I guessed
was around a meeting, and which I could manually find the minutes
based on the URL pattern of the day before.

Please reopen ISSUE-10 until there is actual text in the
compliance document that survives a call for consensus.
Although it is related to ISSUE-60, ISSUE-73, and ISSUE-49, there
is no other issue that addresses what is included within the
definition of party.


Received on Tuesday, 22 January 2013 13:13:26 UTC