Re: TPE: Closing ISSUE-138 and implementing the change proposed by ACTION-179?

Should be 'utmost' instead of 'upmost' and I would drop the

possessive contraction and use 'it is' instead of it's. The contraction

doesn't make sense there amidst all the other exacting language.

Kevin Kiley

Original posting...

Hi Team,

I would like to initiate a text change and close one issues that have

been pending review for a while.

If I do not receive objections/feedback, I would ask our editors to

perform the corresponding updates

and then close the corresponding issues.




ACTION-179: Draft section on seriousness of the request for a

user-granted exception (with ninja)


(issue 129 is already closed).

I would like to add this non-normative text to the TPE spec:

"<Non-Normative> Requesting and having an exception granted by a user is

a significant event and should be treated as such. When requesting

site-wide or web-wide exceptions, the upmost care should be taken in

relaying to the user the breadth and expanse of the exception they are

granting. This is not to suggest the party requesting the exception

takes on direct liability for the parties the user is granting an

exception to but rather it's critical that requesters of user granted

exceptions take care to appropriately express the scope of that

exception such that liability is appropriately placed on the parties

benefiting from the exception."


ISSUE-138: Web-Wide Exception Well Known URI

- Question was: What can third parties without JS real-estate do to

obtain an exception.

Action 319 (

David Singer has proposed this text:

I suggest to introduce this text into the spec and close Action-319 and


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