Re: ACTION-390: alternative UA affordances for DNT choice

I'm curious, Rigo. Is this the first time you are raising this issue?

The following language has been in the spec for some time now:

"A user agent MUST offer a control to express a tracking preference to
third parties. The control MUST communicate the user's preference in
accordance with the [TRACKING-DNT] recommendation and otherwise comply
with that recommendation. A user agent MUST NOT express a tracking
preference for a user unless the user has given express and informed
consent to indicate a tracking preference."

On 4/26/13 2:34 PM, "Rigo Wenning" <> wrote:

>On Friday 26 April 2013 13:51:48 Alan Chapell wrote:
>> >Yes, the tricky part is to find the right wording to cover those we
>> >want to be responsible. "user agent" is "the wrong tree" as Roy
>> >would say. We should formulate our expectation on the user's
>> >experience (this is in the center of our interest) and leave the
>> >determination of the responsible person to the legal system.
>> I strongly disagree with that approach.
>I do NOT believe you can define all possible variants of legal entities
>selling/distributing software to end users in a technical specification.
>But you can try. Awaiting your text. "user agent" isn't giving you any
>result that would serve accountability. We are now 3 people telling you.
> --Rigo

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