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>   The question of whether to include marketing and advertising as a permitted uses remains open and relevant - and cannot be determined or closed - until such time as a definition of "tracking" is worked out by consensus within the working group. The definition of "tracking" adopted by working group consensus will determine, in part, whether an additional exception / permitted use for marketing or advertising is necessary and appropriate in the specification.

It seems like there is something you wish to achieve, either by defining "tracking" (a term which doesn't show up in the current normative language, as far as I can tell), or by adding further permitted uses.

Without having an explanation of what goal you're trying to get to, it's impossible to give a substantive response to any of what you say about the specific means for getting there.

Therefore, care to explain what the specific goal is that you're trying to achieve?

>   Given that the specific definition of “tracking” is not yet resolved, nor are associated issues like ISSUE-16 “What does it mean to collect data?”, and more generally in ISSUE-136 “Resolve dependencies of the TPE on compliance specification”, creating text describing what aspects of marketing and advertising would need to be allowable is premature. 
>    I am as frustrated by this as the rest of you, but do feel hopeful that by getting the fundamentals nailed down we’ll end up with a robust and meaningful document. 
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