Re: ACTION-212: Draft text on how user agents must obtain consent to turn on a DNT signal

On 11/13/12 2:06 PM, Justin Brookman wrote:
> I leave it to others to opine as to whether it is even possible for all
> user agents to monitor all other user agents' configuration of DNT
> settings and confirm those choices with a user, but again it sounds
> burdensome and prescriptive.  Would that confirmation also require
> disclosure about the potential negative consequences of choosing to turn
> on DNT?

Despite the fact Justin is my boss, I want to emphasize and reiterate 
that this (the proposed language from David) is not a good idea and 
seems exceedingly prescriptive for UAs in this forum to have to 
incorporate some nebulous "keep DNT signal honest" technical mechanism. 
It should be about the protocol, the exchange, exceptions and what it 
takes to be considered compliant.

best, Joe

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