Agenda for 02 May, 2012 call

Main topics:  Tracking Preference Expressioin


1. Selection of scribe
Old business

2.  Review of overdue action items:

New business

3.  Review / feedback on hybrid proposal in spec (Section  5 of

4. ISSUE-140: Do we need explicit-explicit user-granted exceptions?
  Question: Do the benefits  justify the added complexity?
    - Is the explicit/explicit API essential for implementing the use cases?
    - What other benefits does the API provide that may jsutify its

5. I'd like to review and discuss our current policy on press
interaction during workshops and calls.
    [Note: This has been triggered by recent actual enforcement of this
policy for our calls]
   - Our current policy is that we do not permit press during calls and
workshops for the following reasons:
        - Participants are expected to interact more openly once 'off
the record'
        - Corporate policies sometimes discourage employees from giving
interviews / statements to the press,
           i.e., press presence may mean that some participants are no
longer able to speak up
   - Press is still free to:
        - Read mailing lists and minutes
        - Read drafts and other published documents
        - Talk with individual participants or the chairs if the
participants/chairs are willing to do so
   - As one tool to enforce this policy during our calls, we decided to
drop callers that are unwilling to identify themselves.


7. Announce next meeting & adjourn

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