Re: ISSUE-4 and clarity regarding browser defaults

Let's not forget:

On 7/7/2012 10:02 AM, Matthias Schunter wrote:
> Hi Tamir,
> the goals are
>   a) the DNT MUST reflect user preference
>   b) We want to allow innovation for user agents and do not be too
> prescriptive. This is implemented by MAYs:
> As a consequence, there are many suggested ways how this can be
> implemented:
>      The browser MAY ask the user at first use.
>      The browser MAY ask the user at install-time.
>      The browser MAY ask the user once a day.
>      The user MAY choose to install a "maximise your privacy" suite
> (e.g., the TOR anonimizer) that includes DNT as a tool.
>      ... ... .... [add any other suggestion how to reliably collect user
> preference]
The browser MUST NOT maximise your privacy
I think that this last inflexibility is what is causing all the signal 
confusion and one really simple way to resolve the muddied waters it 
causes is to mandate UAs to seek present users with a choice at the 
outset. This seems to be the way the Europeans are going, but if people 
think it will be too difficult convey the complexities of online 
tracking in a single message, than we should keep exploring....

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