RE: issues and questions in the latest TPE draft

> In Seattle we discussed that Servers could optionally record an OOB (Out
> of Band) Exception within the UA but with a flag to state this was set
> by the Server.  This gives the positive option of central management
> with links back to the Server to alter the choice (versus managing the
> choice directly in the UA).  I thought this was a nice balanced approach
> to the issue - a middle-ground.  Are we still supportive of this
> outcome?  I hope so...
This sounds like a good way to provide transparency to the user. As I've noted before, I have concerns about the scalability of the preferences management experience when you consider all the devices and browsers (or Web user agents in general) that users will use. So the OOB preferences management approach could become the norm for some users, and should be explicitly supported by the DNT standard at least such that OOB-managed preferences can be clearly identified to the user.

Bryan Sullivan 

Received on Wednesday, 29 August 2012 17:20:27 UTC