Re: Naming directories in web-platform-tests

On Friday, April 19, 2013 at 10:50 AM, Robin Berjon wrote:
> That works for me. In order to avoid problems, maybe whoever makes the
> renaming would have the kindness of going through the PRs to check? I'm 
> happy to divvy up the work for this, e.g. by listing the name changes to 
> be made in an Etherpad and going through them.

Here's the mapping we'll be making.

DOMCore -> dom
WebMessaging -> webmessaging
DOMEvents -> DOM-Level-3-Events
WebSockets -> websockets
html -> html5
WebStorage -> webstorage
Workers -> workers
PointerEvents -> pointerevents
canvas2d -> 2dcontext
ProgressEvents -> progress-events
crypto-api -> WebCryptoAPI
SelectorsAPI -> selectors-api
ServerSentEvents -> eventsource
ShadowDOM -> shadow-dom
ext-xhtml-pubid -> xhtml-pubid
domxpath -> DOM-Level-3-XPath

I'll got through the PRs and see which ones are affected.


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