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On 19/07/2012 13:58, Robin Berjon wrote:
>> >[2] somewhat more important: I'm no longer able to clean the results while creating the results page - there are an increasing number of mistaken scores in the db, which pollute the results displayed. Any idea when we'll have the ability to delete test results from the framework on a one by one basis, to get rid of the dross?  (There are some affecting this page.)
> Yes, that ought to be useful. Just to be clear on how you'd like that to happen, I presume that you would go to a details page, say, and (assuming you're a logged in maintainer) you'd have a "Delete" button in front of every row so that you could nix bad reports. If that's what you're looking for, I should be able to add it easily.

Yep, that's exactly what I was hoping for. (Though it could 
alternatively be a small icon to the right, or a set of checkboxes.) 
(Having on the right of each line may be better, since it's possibly 
less likely to be inadvertently clicked on, and is less in-your-face, as 
it were.)


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