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Hi Richard,

On Jul 18, 2012, at 22:00 , Richard Ishida wrote:
> FYI, here's a working page with live drawdown of results via the new API:

Cool to see this working, glad that the API can be used  I hope it wasn't too painful.

One thing I was wondering about: would it be useful for you if I more officially released a small JS file that exposes the JSON API to code in a simpler fashion? I know you reused a piece of the UI system that I pointed you to, but that was meant to be internal (and has since moved). I could make this more publicly consumable, and link to it from the JSON API page.

Since I've now added JSONP support to the backend, that would also make that part more transparent for older browsers.

> Two points:
> [1] i didn't think I could justify the extra processing power/code needed to convert all the '0's to '.' - not such a big deal. (one day I'll convert it to graphical histograms, anyway...)

Heh :) I've wondered the same, but ended up doing it anyway:

var content = ((res.pass > 0) ? res.pass : ".") + " / " +
              (( > 0) ? : ".") + " / " +
              ((res.uncertain > 0) ? res.uncertain : ".");

> [2] somewhat more important: I'm no longer able to clean the results while creating the results page - there are an increasing number of mistaken scores in the db, which pollute the results displayed. Any idea when we'll have the ability to delete test results from the framework on a one by one basis, to get rid of the dross?  (There are some affecting this page.)

Yes, that ought to be useful. Just to be clear on how you'd like that to happen, I presume that you would go to a details page, say, and (assuming you're a logged in maintainer) you'd have a "Delete" button in front of every row so that you could nix bad reports. If that's what you're looking for, I should be able to add it easily.

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