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Hi Richard,

thanks a lot for your feedback!

On Jul 3, 2012, at 10:50 , Richard Ishida wrote:
> So far, had a quick look only at Here are some comments.
> [0] it seems to take a while to draw the page - any prospect of that improving?

Yes. Right now large result sets require loading a lot of data (enough that it's noticeable even on a desktop with a good line)  a non-negligible part of which is not actually needed at such level of detail. I am optimising this.

> [1] please make the cursor change to pointer when you enable the links

It will happen on its own  right now it doesn't show as a cursor because there are no links.

> [2] having the title of the test is useful, but to track things quickly I also need the former test case id. Could we have an extra column for that?

Ok, I've included that (you might not see the changes immediately when you get this email as I'm offline at this moment). Tell me if it's what you want. A lot of the time those two seem to be the same, so I might just switch to using only the ID.

> [3] I'm not sure why the order of columns for the various platforms has changed - this is a problem for me, since I create result page summaries such as by copy-pasting the text on a page such as into my pages (and then massage by js).

I'm processing the UAs in the order in which the DB gives them to me. Would you like a specific sorting?

> 	Of course, what I've been really wishing for for some time is a means of obtaining that information via AJAX, so that not only is it easier but the results are always up to date.  I couldn't do it before because I needed to read the source code in and parse it, but it wasn't fully XHTML. I suspect that I might be able to get the information from some API now. Any hints on how to do that?

That's exactly what's going on here :-)

Please look at (and the announcement

Note that if you're using the results, you'll bump into the aforementioned problem with long load times. I'll be adding the shortened variant soon!

Please tell me how things go when you try to use this (if you do). Anything that breaks or is hard to grok I'm interested in hearing about.

> [4] the contrast of text on the coloured background isn't very high - i have to squint a little, particularly with the blue on green/red.

I know, same for me. I'm reusing two style sheets that other people made and they don't mix perfectly well. I'll figure something out.

> [5] it would be useful to retain the page title (eg. i18n HTML5 Results) so that I know what I'm looking at when returning to the page or fipping between open windows.

Yes, that's an improvement I want to make.

> [6] please add back a link at the bottom of the page to  bugzilla - very useful in the past. Also links to the author are probably useful.

Ok, no problem, I'll do that.

> [7]  on pages like I'd rather have the buttons on the left, since they can be a long way off on the right, and I need to check I'm still on the right line.

Noted. I'll be revisiting the templates anyway to make this more mobile-friendly.

> PS: Great that you show the assertion in the individual page views.

If there's anything else you want shown just ask  so long as it's in the data showing it is usually just a small tweak of the template.

Thanks for your feedback!

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