Re: New UI for the Test Framework now available

So far, had a quick look only at 
Here are some comments.

[0] it seems to take a while to draw the page - any prospect of that 

[1] please make the cursor change to pointer when you enable the links

[2] having the title of the test is useful, but to track things quickly 
I also need the former test case id. Could we have an extra column for that?

[3] I'm not sure why the order of columns for the various platforms has 
changed - this is a problem for me, since I create result page summaries 
such as 
by copy-pasting the text on a page such as 
into my pages (and then massage by js).

 Of course, what I've been really wishing for for some time is a means 
of obtaining that information via AJAX, so that not only is it easier 
but the results are always up to date.  I couldn't do it before because 
I needed to read the source code in and parse it, but it wasn't fully 
XHTML. I suspect that I might be able to get the information from some 
API now. Any hints on how to do that?

[4] the contrast of text on the coloured background isn't very high - i 
have to squint a little, particularly with the blue on green/red.

[5] it would be useful to retain the page title (eg. i18n HTML5 Results) 
so that I know what I'm looking at when returning to the page or fipping 
between open windows.

[6] please add back a link at the bottom of the page to  bugzilla - very 
useful in the past. Also links to the author are probably useful.

[7]  on pages like I'd rather 
have the buttons on the left, since they can be a long way off on the 
right, and I need to check I'm still on the right line.

That's all i've time for for now. Hope that helps.


PS: Great that you show the assertion in the individual page views.

Richard Ishida
Internationalization Activity Lead
W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)

On 29/06/2012 15:03, Robin Berjon wrote:
> Hi all,
> as indicated in my previous post, I have created the first client application for the JSON API: a new UI for the test framework. You can visit it at:
> This is a completely client-side Web application: once you've loaded the assets on any page you visit, it only interacts with the network in order to talk to the backend's API.
> You can do the usual stuff: explore suites and specs, run tests, see results. If you're logged in you can edit and create stuff too.
> The design is pretty much stock Bootstrap. It can be easily tweaked. Before anyone screams: I am not a designer and there probably are a multitude of issues with this look. If there's anything you don't like — be it trivial or serious — just tell me, explain the issue, and I'll fix it.
> It doesn't have absolutely complete feature-parity with the previous UI, but the only thing missing is the ability to see results details — and adding that is a small task. The code is a fair bit less clean than I'd like it to, but I know how to clean it up and will be doing so.
> A number of improvements are in the pipeline for this, most notably the ability to run test suites in either object or iframe at direct choice and mobile-compatibility.
> People who wish to build their own system on the HTTP JSON API that the TF now exposes can look at the api.js file which wraps it in a simple programmable API (and can be reused).
> Feedback much welcome!

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