Re: New UI for the Test Framework now available

On 05/07/2012 17:32, Robin Berjon wrote:
>>  Of course, what I've been really wishing for for some time is a means of obtaining that information via AJAX, so that not only is it easier but the results are always up to date.  I couldn't do it before because I needed to read the source code in and parse it, but it wasn't fully XHTML. I suspect that I might be able to get the information from some API now. Any hints on how to do that?
> That's exactly what's going on here:-)
> Please look at  (and the announcement
> Note that if you're using the results, you'll bump into the aforementioned problem with long load times. I'll be adding the shortened variant soon!
> Please tell me how things go when you try to use this (if you do). Anything that breaks or is hard to grok I'm interested in hearing about.

Ok. I'll make that a project for Geek Week. (next week)


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