Re: First draft of tutorial on testharness.js

On Mon, 2 Jul 2012, Robin Berjon wrote:

> Hi all,
> as discussed before, I've received a fair bit of feedback (notably in 
> CoreMob) from people who seem to find that testharness.js is not as easy 
> to pick up as they would like to. One thing that has repeatedly been 
> said is, for better or for worse, that nowadays people like shiny HTML 
> docs and won't find (or won't be comfortable with) the comments at the 
> top of a lib (as is currently done).
> I don't claim that this is necessarily a good thing, but I've tried to 
> help anyway ;-)
> I've now made a first pass at a tutorial for testharness.js:

Awesome! Thanks for doing this.

> It covers all that the documentation does in more detail, and with code 
> examples side by side with the text, in a way that is shamelessly stolen 
> from how Jasmine does it. It's also self-runnable so that test results 
> for the example code show up at the end.
> Feedback on this is very much welcome. If people like it, I'm more than 
> happy to host it somewhere on I can also fold it into the 
> testharness.js repository itself if desired. It's written using Docco 
> (and Grunt).

I have a few comments; mostly little grammatical errors and slight 
corrections. I think it will work to make a pull request with suggested 
adjustments and then you can take whatever you agree with.

Taking a slightly broader view I hope we can turn the homepage of into a one-stop shop for all the information that you need to 
write and submit tests to the W3C. The current interaction design in this 
area is pretty terrible; it involves searching across a variety of wiki 
pages. Pretty much any consolidation of this will be an improvement. 
Having nice, modern looking, graphic design would also be a big win in the 
making-this-something-normal-people-can-relate-to stakes.

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