First draft of tutorial on testharness.js

Hi all,

as discussed before, I've received a fair bit of feedback (notably in CoreMob) from people who seem to find that testharness.js is not as easy to pick up as they would like to. One thing that has repeatedly been said is, for better or for worse, that nowadays people like shiny HTML docs and won't find (or won't be comfortable with) the comments at the top of a lib (as is currently done).

I don't claim that this is necessarily a good thing, but I've tried to help anyway ;-)

I've now made a first pass at a tutorial for testharness.js:

It covers all that the documentation does in more detail, and with code examples side by side with the text, in a way that is shamelessly stolen from how Jasmine does it. It's also self-runnable so that test results for the example code show up at the end.

Feedback on this is very much welcome. If people like it, I'm more than happy to host it somewhere on I can also fold it into the testharness.js repository itself if desired. It's written using Docco (and Grunt).

After I've gathered some feedback here I'll post it to CoreMob to see what people there say.

Robin Berjon - - @robinberjon

Received on Monday, 2 July 2012 16:40:52 UTC