Re: Test case review

On 05/10/2011 11:14 AM, James Graham wrote:

> * Contributor makes a number of commits
> * They create a review request for those commits
> * Any number of reviewers can create responses to the review request
> where they provide comments on a specific set of lines in a specific
> revision of the changed files
> * Contributor makes any necessary changes, makes a new commit, and adds
> those commits to the review
> * Once the reviewers are happy with the changes, the review is marked as
> approved, which causes the commits to be considered approved

Just to follow up here, the biggest requirement for me is that review is 
easy and can be done incrementally. For HTML we have found that getting 
people to do something relatively interesting like write and submit 
tests is substantially easier than getting people to spend their time 
doing something boring like review tests. This means that the tools 
should make review as easy as possible, which means having a good diff 
viewer, a simple way to make comments, all review state automatically 
saved even before the reviewer is done with their response, etc.

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