Couple of comments on draft IG charter

Hi Mike,

A couple of comments while reading the first draft of the charter for a possible testing IG:

The scope in terms of what the IG will do is pretty broad right now: "mechanisms for doing cross-browser testing".

I would reuse the directions mentioned in the Wiki to explain what these mechanisms cover:

In particular:
- test case execution framework
- test case review mechanism
- test case management/tracking tool
- test case results reporting/output
- test case specification annotations
- documentation on test authoring, execution and results collection (I made up this one, actually, it's not in the Wiki)

The scope would remain broad, but potential participants would get some better understanding as to what testing means, at least.

Also, could we simply reuse the public-test-infra mailing-list for the IG when and if it eventually gets created? The draft charter currently suggests "public-testing-ig", which is certainly more correct from a naming perspective but discussions are likely to progress here in the meantime.


Received on Monday, 4 April 2011 15:32:03 UTC