Re: Please Keep Our Decentralized Web Standards Open

čt 21. 9. 2023 v 11:34 odesílatel Lisa Rein <> napsal:

> Hello Everyone,
> Lisa Rein, Co-founder of Creative Commons and Aaron Swartz Day here.
> I have strong concerns about moving any open social web work out of the CG
> process and into a WG because it means less folks will be able to
> participate.
> The whole point of creating a Decentralized Web is to have a more level
> playing field where independent groups can interoperate and flourish,
> which requires the process for creating Decentralized Web standards to be
> as transparent and inclusive as possible.
> To that end, I think it would be a tragedy to move any decentralized
> social web standard activity from the current open, consensus-based
> process to any closed, member-only process.
> Decentralized Web standards deserve to be developed in a truly open and
> inclusive manner - rather than a top-down approach where all concerned
> voices cannot possibly be heard, simply because they don’t actually have
> access to the process.
> Only a transparent process, that is truly inclusive, will have any hope of
> being able to address the concerns of the numerous, diverse and often
> marginalized communities that will be depending on these very important
> Decentralized Web standards.

Hi Lisa,

I concur with your perspective. One clarification: the fediverse is
federated, not decentralized. The W3C, comprising various companies,
focuses on vendor-neutral specifications like ActivityPub. Since its
introduction, open social web dynamics have shifted towards free software.
However, the W3C has established methods for drafting and revising specs.

This Friday, the CG will likely discuss the charter. Anyone can join this
meeting and voice their thoughts.

Should there be significant opposition to a working group, it may not come
to fruition. Yet, we must ponder alternatives. I acknowledge the
limitations of Working Groups. I've experienced the financial strain of
participation firsthand. Potential W3C exceptions might alleviate this, but
it's speculative. Perhaps standardization fits better elsewhere, but we
need constructive proposals.

Drafting a charter is time-consuming, and everyone will have an opportunity
to weigh in. My belief is that ongoing dialogue and expressing our desires
or concerns will pave the way for a mutually acceptable compromise.



> Thanks,
> lisa
> Lisa Rein
> Co-Founder, Creative Commons
> Co-Founder, Aaron Swartz Day
> Chelsea Manning's Archivist
> Digital Librarian, Dr. Timothy Leary Futique Trust

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