Re: META/Facebook/Insta feeds via ActivityPub and ads?

No way should we trust advertising from Meta, they don't check their
sources and theres a lot of scam advertising.

I have used FaceBook since 2009 and have studied it in great detail from
many angles.

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On Mon, 22 May 2023 at 17:33, Jan Wildeboer <> wrote:

> > On 22. May 2023, at 18:28, Bob Wyman <> wrote:
> >
> > What is an ad?
> >     •
> > If someone at Mastodon posts that they are hiring people (as they have),
> is that an ad?
> >     • If someone at Mastodon posts a link to where you can buy Mastodon
> "merch" (as they have), is that an ad?
> > bob wyman
> This all is user behaviour. That other users can block/mute. I am thinking
> of META *adding* posts/content to the user stream, not the user themself.
> Remember that you subscribe to a feed/stream which gets curated by the
> instance. If that instance decides to inject additional content - is that
> part of the stream or not? Regardless of the content being ads or something
> else.
> Jan

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