Re: META/Facebook/Insta feeds via ActivityPub and ads?

> On 22. May 2023, at 17:58, Kagami Rosylight <> wrote:
> I think at least Mastodon and Misskey do not directly embed the remote images but uses the cached version of them, so embedding images won't really benefit them.

Link shorteners with tracking IDs however would. What when Instagram only sends such links via AP? Would it be an implementation specific detail to resolve the shortened version to the real link? Etc. We all know these tricks and things. There is a kind of gentleperson agreement that AP messages contain only real links and do not use link shorteners. But that is not defined behaviour. Etc.

Again, I don’t think this will all happen immediately, I am really just pointing out the possibility exists and companies like META simply have a different default mindset that most of the fedivesre.


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