Re: META/Facebook/Insta feeds via ActivityPub and ads?

> On 22. May 2023, at 17:19, Kagami Rosylight <> wrote:
> How would they benefit from an AP-sent advertisement? They can't track the view count unless the user starts interaction and I think all existing ads in the fediverse are done locally because of that.

Add a link or image with tracking properties to collect at least CTR (Click-Through-Rate). Make every n-th post in a user stream from META such an ad as part of the „deal“. De-federation would be difficult. Not limited to META. Could also be an opportunity for Automattica/Wordpress.

I don’t think they will do it right from the start, I just raise the possibility to hopefully find a way to limit possible impact before the problem occurs.

Mostly my strategic gut feeling speaking, I happily admit.


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