Re: First 2023 SWICG meeting call on Fri May 19

On 2023-05-17 19:56, Dmitri Zagidulin wrote:
> 1) (NON-AGENDA item) Although the common first call agenda tradition is 
> introductions, I'm wondering if we can shortcut the introduction process 
> by doing it elsewhere, such as on the SWICG mailing list, or SocialHub 
> forum. Otherwise there's a good chance that we'll take up the whole call 
> with intros. :)

Hi, I'm Sarven Capadisli. Some of you may remember me as one of the 
co-developers of laconica, StatusNet, and (2008-2010). :) 
Strangely, that feels both like a lifetime ago and just yesterday at the 
same time.

As a person from the "control yourself" and "do it yourself" school of 
thought, I love building and using what I need. I've been working 
involved in the development of open web standards since 2006 in various 
communities. I encourage self-publishing and work on tools like dokieli 
( ), a "clientside editor for decentralised article 
publishing, annotations and social interactions" to help content 
creators and readers.

I'm probably primarily known in this community as co-author of the 
Linked Data Notifications specification that's been published by the W3C 
Social Web Working Group. And contributions to Activity Stream 
vocabulary, ActivityPub, and Social Web Protocols.

I chair the W3C Solid Community Group and serve as the lead 
editor/author of the Solid Protocol ( ) and some other Solid Technical 

I embrace the evolution of standards and development. For the near 
future, I'm interested in seeing improved interoperability across 
various specifications.

Lastly, I'm committed to an ethical and community-driven approach to web 

Let's make it so!


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