Re: ActivityPub Test Suite?

If I remember correctly, coverage was not great for the old test suite, but
it was still extremely useful to me as an implementer and I was sad to see
it die. Even bringing it back in its old form as-is would be welcome.

On Fri, Mar 24, 2023 at 11:17 AM Bob Wyman <> wrote:

> The ActivityPub spec says there is supposed to be a test suite at:
> However, that is no longer the case.
>    - Does the test suite still exist? If so, where is it?
>    - Is/Was the test suite's coverage, effectiveness, operation, etc.
>    satisfactory? If not, why not?
>    - Would it be useful to either improve or replace the old test suite?
>    If so, in what ways?
>    - Implementation reports, based on the old test suite are provided at:
> . Should this list,
>    or a copy, be maintained within the SWICG GitHub repository? If not, why
>    not?
>    - Was there ever a test suite for ActivityStreams?
>    - Is anyone willing to work on developing a new/improved AP test suite?
>    - If a new or improved test suite were to be developed, what
>    non-obvious requirements should it satisfy?
> bob wyman

Received on Friday, 24 March 2023 18:22:31 UTC