Re: A native internet protocol for social media

On 16 Apr 2023, at 23:48, Bob Wyman wrote:

>> The challenge lies in creating a protocol that is interoperable, 
>> scalable,
>> and allows users to have full ownership of their conversations.
> It seems to me that we've previously developed architectural patterns 
> that
> address this need, at least we did for blogging. The key for blogging 
> was
> to use PubSubHubbub, now W3C WebSub <> , 
> as a
> centralized means for accessing decentralized blog resources.


I wonder why never mentions They are even dated the very same day.


P.S.: I find the 'full ownership' an impossible wish after publication. 
You don't 'own' no more what is in my head after you told it to me. The 
same holds for my hard disc.

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