Re: A native internet protocol for social media

pá 14. 4. 2023 v 10:05 odesílatel Marcus Rohrmoser <>

> @hellekin, I couldn't agree more.
> Celebrities throwing cash won't make a respectful, vibrant community.
> The fediverse shouldn't become another centricash. It thrives on broad
> participation, sovereign operation and mutual respect among peers.

It is important to note that throwing cash might not be the most precise
term to use in this context. In the case of Nostr, Jack Dorsey generously
donated $250,000 to the community, which has been thoughtfully distributed
to various projects. Exceptional projects have received approximately
$1,000 each. This amount might be comparatively lower than the funding
provided by NLNet. Nevertheless, it is a valuable contribution that
supports the growth and development of these projects.

The Nostr community of builders serves as an impressive example of FLOSS
innovation. With new projects emerging daily, swift bug resolutions, and
the rapid development of new client standards, it showcases a dynamic and
responsive environment. In contrast, some Fediverse protocols might
experience a slower pace in addressing critical issues, with open important
issues lasting 6+ years

> Individual funding surely helps (I myself am running on an nlnet grant
> right now) but shouldn't be mission-critical to the fediverse as a
> whole.
> The fediverse must become much more inclusive to be noteworthy –
> currently we still have an unsurmountable divide of operators and users.
> Brittle, bloaty, enterpriish standards & implementations manifest that
> divide. That must be overcome and evolved into participants.
> There's not much sense in discussing means without having clearly stated
> the ends.
> Marcus

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