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RE: Outreach to students

From: Orri Erling <erling@xs4all.nl>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 13:07:49 +0200
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Subject: Outreach to students

Hi all!

Two things crossed my mind last weekend. One might be rather tangential
to SWEO, the other may be a relevant topic.

The motivating thought was that it would be very interesting to have
students working on the performance problems many have seen, from the
field of Applied and Industrial Mathematics, for example to produce
better triplestores than the typical RDBMSes used by libraries like
Redland and Jena.

That brought me to that while I know that there are many good academic
programs, recruiting good students to them is something that would be
important for us all, and so perhaps we should discuss it?




This sounds like a good idea.  The industry definitely needs students, I am
sure none of the vendors amongst us objects.  Industry adoption  in the user
community would also be facilitated by a supply of trained people.

I have to also think of initiatives like Google's Summer of Code.  Student
outreach is not necessarily separate from the web hacker outreach.  It is
not exactly the same but has a large overlap with this.

As for making better triple stores, this is a somewhat complex question that
cannot be resolved by just setting up a student project for making a better
BBMS.  But since from our membership at least Oracle, IBM and OpenLink make
databases, I would think that none of these would object to having the best
students apply for jobs in the domain.

So student outreach is certainly  in line with everybody's interests.

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