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On 24 Sep 2007, at 11:41, Quentin Reul wrote:

> Hi,
> I have looked at different aspects of SKOS and I have got a few  
> questions as a result:
> First of all, I was wondering if there was any reasoner available  
> to create a thesaurus tree and find out all the different terms  
> that are "broader/narrower" for a given term.
> My understanding is that the "broader/narrower" relationship is  
> transitive, i.e. if the user adds a term has being broader, this  
> term would have the previous term as narrower without having to add  
> the statement to the second term.

Broader/narrower are intended to be *inverses*, which I think is what  
you mean here.

The transitivity of broader/narrower is one of the topics that's up  
for discussion at the F2F. See "Semantic Relation Properties" in [1].




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