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Re: comments: [MM] PhotoStuff Image annotator for personal choice?

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 07:15:35 +0900
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To: Christian Halaschek-Wiener <halasche@cs.umd.edu>

Hi Christian,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Le 06-04-18 à 22:38, Christian Halaschek-Wiener a écrit :
> PhotoStuff is simply mentioned as it is a freely available tool  
> that provides functionality to annotate image content with respect  
> to ontologies. Therefore PhotoStuff, or any tool providing similar  
> capabilities, can help enable the management of personal digital  
> photo collections using Semantic Web technologies.

Yes I think I understood that, but I think it would be worth  
mentionning. If one of the goals of the document is to help  
developers create “better” photo management software, every possible  
*small* steps is useful. PhotoStuff seems very nice, but it's already  
a too high step (and i'm personally a photo geek ;) ). I'm pretty  
sure PhotoStuff is a nice tool, that I haven't tried myself (Looking  
at the install steps to use it, It was far too difficult)

> While you are correct that Flikr is a successful tool for image  
> annotation, it does not support Semantic Web representation  
> languages, which is the focus of the document. My other concern is  
> that if we attempt to address user-needs regarding the development  
> of photo annotation software, we may step out of the scope of the  
> document.

As I said if the goal of the document is to help developers, you have  
to help the developers to go to your level. I read the introduction  
of the document and it is said

Target Audience

This document is target at everybody with an interest in image  
annotation, ranging from non-professional end-users that are  
annotating their personal digital photos to professionals working  
with digital pictures in image and video banks, audiovisual archives,  
museums, libraries, media production and broadcast industry, etc.

	- everybody
	- non-professional end-user

The document is too complex for now for the end-user, IMHO, but hey  
it's a 1st WD, then my comments. Please make it a lot simpler and  
identify more clearly the categories of readership ("class of  

Keep in mind, that I'm thrilled by the topic of this document, and  
it's why I would like to see it becoming a very useful resource.

-- Image Annotation on the Semantic Web
Wed, 22 Mar 2006 15:50:45 GMT

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