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RE: [SE] Suggestion of new note

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Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 16:48:11 -0400 (EDT)
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To: holgi@stanford.edu, michael.f.uschold@boeing.com
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Michael Uschold wrote:
>Here are my latest slides on the difference between object-oriented and

Some comments

Regarding slide 2:

 Object models (e.g. UML 1.x or precursors) support multiple inheritence. Even 
 when disjoint subtype coverings are specified, an instance can have multiple 
 types (it's instantiated type and each supertype of that type).

Regarding slide 3:

 Not sure what you are identifying with term "property" in the OO context.  This 
 is because attributes and relations (uml:Association) are treated differently in OO.
 The statement "Properties attached to single class" isn't quite right for OO attributes 
 or relations.  Perhaps this would be better written "Attributes are defined locally
 to a class".  Thus attributes with the same name in different classes do not 
 denote the same attribute.

 Associations (relations) are defined with respect to particular classes at their 
 AssociationEnds.  Thus Associations are attached to one or (usually) more classes.  

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