Re: ODM document -- n-ary relations

Thanks, Elisa. I'll try to look at the other sections, but can't 
promise at the moment.

On the n-ary part however, some clarification would be appreciated. 
I've since had some communication with Evan and I think he has concerns 
about that that part as well. Perhaps, a quick discussion at the 
tomorrow's telecon would be worthwhile.


On Feb 9, 2005, at 2:00 PM, Elisa F. Kendall wrote:

> Hi Natasha,
> I'll check with Bob Colomb, DSTC, on his intent there.  What you are 
> looking at in that particular
> diagram is what's called an "association class", which allows you to 
> add structural information
> to an association.  The dashed line from the center of the "enrolled" 
> property to the box below it
> is a kind of dependency, that connects the association class to the 
> association.  We didn't use this
> later in the specification, and as a few others who reviewed this 
> section have pointed out, it needs
> alignment with the implementation described in the RDFS and OWL 
> Metamodel sections of the
> document.  We would really appreciate it if you have time to take a 
> look at those sections as well,
> primarily chapters 11, 12 and 16.  If you are not familiar with UML 2, 
> reviewing the mapping,
> which is presented in chapter 18, would be difficult at best.
> Thanks,
> Elisa
> Natasha Noy wrote:
>> Jeremy has asked me to look at the small piece of the ODM document 
>> that deals with n-ary relations (bottom of page 68-top of page 69).  
>> It looks fine to me, except for the last property in the OWL 
>> fragment: why is there a property that goes from enrolled to 
>> enrolled? Am I missing something?
>> Natasha

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