Re: ODM document -- n-ary relations

Hi Natasha,

I'll check with Bob Colomb, DSTC, on his intent there.  What you are 
looking at in that particular
diagram is what's called an "association class", which allows you to add 
structural information
to an association.  The dashed line from the center of the "enrolled" 
property to the box below it
is a kind of dependency, that connects the association class to the 
association.  We didn't use this
later in the specification, and as a few others who reviewed this 
section have pointed out, it needs
alignment with the implementation described in the RDFS and OWL 
Metamodel sections of the
document.  We would really appreciate it if you have time to take a look 
at those sections as well,
primarily chapters 11, 12 and 16.  If you are not familiar with UML 2, 
reviewing the mapping,
which is presented in chapter 18, would be difficult at best.



Natasha Noy wrote:

> Jeremy has asked me to look at the small piece of the ODM document 
> that deals with n-ary relations (bottom of page 68-top of page 69).  
> It looks fine to me, except for the last property in the OWL fragment: 
> why is there a property that goes from enrolled to enrolled? Am I 
> missing something?
> Natasha

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