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A : Christopher Welty; Jos De_Roo
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Jos, Chris

Thanks for supporting and bootstrapping the process. Now of course I have
to eat my dog food.

First cut of my priorities. More on Mondeca involvment in SW and OWL
deployment can be seen at

1. Leverage legacy
Use cases of migration of public index, thesauri, directories ... to make
them easily usable in SW applications

2. Avoide balkanization of efforts
Use cases of ontology mapping and re-use practices minimizing redundancy
and maximizing interoperability

3. Bring enterprise into the game
Why should I care about semantic interoperability of my enterprise private
ontologies/data with public SW ontologies/data ?

[ 2. and 3. both address a concern I've already expressed. From the
experience we have with customer companies, they come to semantic
technologies and languages first for internal interoperability sake (which
is a good thing), but are more relunctant to ensure external
interoperability. Either they don't see the point of it, or they consider
their internal ontology as a strategic asset to be kept hidden under the
hood. ]

Next one, please :))

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