RE: Tech Plenary: agenda Best Practices

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Dear all,

My 3 preferred topics

1. Guidelines to transform existing representations from/to RDF/OWL.
At UPM, we have experience in transforming frame-based+first-order-logic
representations from/to RDF/OWL.

2. Design patterns for constructing ontologies.
I am thinking of issues like:
"how do I represent an abstract class in OWL (that is, a class that cannot
have instances?"
"how do I represent a default value in OWL?"
These issues appear from time to time in the WebOnt and RDF-interest lists.

3. Course material and introductory texts for ontologies and ontological
UPM has recently published the book "Ontological Engineering", from which we
can extract some introductory texts on a royalty-free basis. We have also
course material from our PhD course on ontologies and the Semantic Web.

Oscar Corcho
Ontological Engineering Group
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

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