[ALL] TF targets for upcoming ftf

TF coordinators, all,

David and I would like to start defining TF target results to be 
discussed at our upcoming ftf. This message contains some suggestions 
for each TF that is currently active or is scheduled to become active 
within the next few weeks.  Please comment.

OEP - Ontology Engineering and Patterns (Deb McGuinness)
   * QCR note
   Draft: http://www.cs.vu.nl/~guus/public/qcr.html
   Comments Alan:
   * guidelines for units and measures:
   important topic, many (partial) schema proposals

PORT - Porting Thesauri to RDF and OWL (Alistair Miles)
   * Note: method for porting thesauri based on SKOS
   e.g. based on http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/Europe/reports/pdf/8.8.pdf

WordNET (Aldo Gangemi)
   * complete draft of phase 1 conversion
   See thread starting:

XSCH - XML Schema Datatypes (Jeremy Carroll)
   * review of relevant XML Schema docs:
   * short guideline note for users?!

HTML - Embedding RDF in HTML (Ben Adida)
   * review of
   * short how-to-do-it draft note

ADTF - Applications and Demos (Libby Miller)
   * review of weblog approach
   * suggestions for additional structure (if any)

VM - Vocabulary Management (Tom Baker)
   * first incomplete draft of deliverable as defined in TF description:

In addition, we expect also the work on RDF and Topic Maps. We should 
use one of the Sep telecons to discuss the plans for this TF.


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