timing for april 29 telecon

i need to plan my schedule next thursday and i wanted to confirm the 
time of next week's telecon.

i have not seen minutes of the last meeting so i looked in:

and i saw two statements of the next telecon time  but this one was last.

14:19:42 [jhendler]
    next meeting, 29 APRIL 2004 at 1800 UTC

    then i looked at the world clock and put in 3 time zones beyond UTC
    time for pacific time, eastern time, and western europe (it only
    allowed 3 entries)  and i got:

UTC-time 	San Francisco <city.html?n=224> 	Boston <city.html?n=43> 
Amsterdam <city.html?n=16>

Thursday, April 29, 2004, at 6:00 PM 
	Thu 11:00 AM * 	Thu 2:00 PM * 	Thu 8:00 PM *

is that right?

i have not seen a mailing about next week's meeting time  so could someone either confirm that this is right  or correct me?


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