[OEP] Suggestions for other patterns

I would like to add a couple of other suggestions for patterns in the 
scope of OEP. I've been going through some of the posts on the protege 
mailing lists to see what kind of modeling questions people have and 
where we can help with providing some patterns and explanation (I 
intentionally left out some of the simpler questions that are probably 
better addressed by some education materials under the EDU task-force, 
whenever that happens).

There are a number of questions on units and numeric ranges, both of 
which I understand Guus is addressing, and there are questions on 
qualified restrictions, which Deb addressed the other day in her email 
and which probably should be made into another pattern document (nudge, 
nudge). Here are a couple of more that I don't think came up before:

- Reified and n-ary relations: how to represent them, implications for 
reasoning, ability to define inverses.
- M:N relations: not very difficult, but something that people coming, 
say, from the UML world, will look for. I think it could be a simple 
- the issue of using or not using metaclasses; using annotation 
properties to avoid them sometimes, etc. Note that this issue is 
different from the issue of using classes as property values

Anyone interested in doing any of these? I could do one or the other or 
both, but wanted to see first if someone has thought more about these 
and have them readily available.


Received on Wednesday, 21 April 2004 17:29:10 UTC