Re: [ALL,XSCH] draft TF description: XML Schema Datatypes and Semantic Web

Yes please -- +1

At 17:36 +0200 4/19/04, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
>TEMPLATE Task Force Description
>NAME XML Schema Datatypes and Semantic Web
>STATUS: "Considered"
>Carroll + nominee of XML Schema WG
>approx 2 additional from SWBPDWG
>and 2 additional from XML Schema WG
>This TF will consider two issues:
>- what URI should be used within RDF and OWL for user defined XML Schema
>- what is the relationship between the value spaces of the various XML
>Schema built-in simple types when used within RDF and OWL
>Resolution of these issues MUST be with consensus of
>both SWBPDWG and XML Schema WG
>A failure to reach consensus on either issue should be documented in a WG
>A WG Note describing the issue resolutions or the failure to resolve
>An OWL Ontology describing the value spaces of the XML Schema builtin simple
>OWL and RDF Platform developers.
>OWL and RDF ontology authors.
>XML Schema Datatype library code developers (particularly those aiming at a
>reusable datatyping component not solely targetted at XML Schema)
>point 4 of
>XML Schema links to do (i.e. to work in progress in that group)

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