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meeting record: 2004-04-15 SemWeb BPD WG telecon

From: Ben Booth <ben.booth@webmethods.com>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 15:10:00 -0700
Message-ID: <5B10E50E14A4594EB1B5566B69AD940755A4C0@maileast>
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Here is a draft of the minutes for the April 15, 2004 teleconference.
Please forgive the sparseness in details as I am still coming up to speed on
protocals here.




                    SemWeb Best Practices and Deployment WG
                                  15 Apr 2004

   See also: [2] IRC log


   Present (in IRC, Telecon, or both)
          Jim Hendler, Guus Schreiber, Ralph Swick, Libby Miller, 
          Natasha Noy, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, Aditya Kalyanpur, 
          Jos De Roo, Mike Uschold, Benjamin Booth, Evan Wallace, 
          Fabien Gandon, Aldo Gangemi, Marco Nanni

          Pat Hayes, Dan Brickley, Jeremy Carroll, Brian McBride, 
          Deb McGuinness, Tom Baker, David Norheim, Alistair Miles, 
          Jen Golbeck          


     * Action Item Review
     * Summary of Resolutions
     * Agenda
         1. Admin
         2. Possible TF Additions
         3. World TF
         4. OEP TF
         5. WordNet Task Force
     * Summary of New Action Items


Action Item Review:

    ACTION Ralph talk with Guus and create a straw poll form for meeting 
        -- completed in:

    ACTION ChrisW write description of OPEN TF
        -- canceled

    ACTION DanBri get rdf-thes contacts from Guus
        -- completed in:

    ACTION Guus read bernard's e-mail with draft TMAP msg
        -- continued

    ACTION DanBri investigate publication of Turtle as SWIG note
        -- continued

    ACTION ChrisW present his time ontology in the next telecon
        -- cancelled

    ACTION Guus ask Aldo if someone from Princeton is willing to participate
        -- completed
    ACTION Guus talk with Aldo about WordNet and produce a short-term plan
    for option 1
        -- completed in:

    ACTION Natasha look at classes-as-values DC:Subject issue
        -- completed in:

    ACTION Deb propose a simple pattern for OEP
        -- continued

    ACTION Jeremy write TF desc for XML Schema
        -- continued

Summary of resolutions:

    RESOLVED: Accept minutes of the April 1 telecon at:


   [4] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-swbp-wg/2004Apr/0072.html


   Guus: Should move next meeting to decent US West time
   <Scribe> PROPOSED 29 April meeting time be moved to 1800 UTC
   <Scribe> RESOLVED date & time for next telecon 29 April 1800 UTC

Possible TF Additions

  On "Human-friendly Syntax":

  Jim: Focus should be on real world priorities.

  Jim: We should reuse existing N3 or OWL syntax (vs. writing our own).
Students should learn to read the N3/OWL syntax.
  Natasha: Used syntax generated by Protoge; was not a problem.
  Jim: N3/Turtle syntax is ok since existing tools support it (Python).
  Guus: To reiterate; this was proposed because it is hard to represent some
of the elements of the Abstract Syntax.
  <Scribe> RESOLVED There is no strong support to creating a special
human-friendly syntax TF now, so postpone indefinitely.
  On Tom Baker's remarks at

  <Scribe> RESOLVED Discuss next time (Tom Baker regrets)

World TF
  jhendler: discussions have begun but no progress made as of yet.
  <Scribe> ACTION: Jim report back on short-term plan for World Task Force.

OEP (Mike, Deb)

  Guus: Pro/con approach is good.
  Guus: Numeric and quantity contraint issues candidate for OEP note
  Mike: Show hybrid issues
  Natasha: Examples should cross reference with links

  <Scribe> ACTION: Natasha to update the note and summerize email discussion
  <Scribe> ACTION: Libby and Brian propose repository for apps based on

WordNet TF

  Guus: Discuss this in more detail next time.

  Guus: Should organize telecons so that invited experts can listen in on
the pertinent part of the conference.
  <Scribe>: PROPOSE to dedicate the last half-hour or so of 29 April telecon
to WNET.

Summary of Action Items

   ACTION: Jeremy write TF desc for XML Schema
   ACTION: Guus read bernard's e-mail with draft TMAP msg
   ACTION: DanBri investigate publication of Turtle as SWIG note
   [NEW] ACTION: Jacco list issues about a link to MPEG
   [NEW] ACTION: Evan report the status of the <type?> ontologies in June.
   [NEW] ACTION: Jim report back on short-term plan for World Task Force.
   [NEW] ACTION: Natasha to update the note and summerize email discussion
   [NEW] ACTION: Guus discuss PORT/THES w/DanB for next telecon
   [NEW] ACTION: Libby and Brian propose repository for apps based on
   [NEW] ACTION: Guus set up link from SWBP home to page to "tips and
   [NEW] ACTION: Natasha start email discussion summarizing the "note".
   [NEW] ACTION: Guus invite two WG Chrisyaine Feldman as Invited Expert.
   [NEW] ACTION: Aldo organize 30 min TF discussion on WNET for next



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