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Hi everyone,

I'm Mark Sadecki and I'm currently the Staff Contact for the HTML Accessibility Task Force here at the W3C.  Previously, I worked for The Carroll Center for the Blind as lead developer on all their internal and external facing web applications as well as lead consultant for their Accessibility Services Department.  I've been in web development (front and back end) since about 1996 starting to focus on accessibility in 2000.

I joined this group because I see great potential in SVG as a method for delivering simple or complex visual data that is accessible to all human (or not) computer users.  Similarly, I see great potential in groups like this who want to improve the adoption of and support for SVG through testing, bug filing and publishing best practice and other code examples for others to follow (and other grunt work).
> * are you willing and able to write tests?
> * are you willing and able to run tests on an AT that they are skilled with?
I can test on both Windows and Mac using NVDA, JAWS and Voiceover. I can also use accessibility API's on both platforms.
> * are you willing and able to write use cases and requirements?
Yes, although its not a strength.
> * can you write code for sample apps?
> * can you attend a testing hackathon in the Bay Area? if so, when? (I'm thinking mid-late October)
Probably not.  However, I do plan on attending Test the Web Forward in Shenzen.

Great to meet everyone.  Look forward to working with you.

> Thanks, everyone!
> Regards-
> -Doug

Mark Sadecki
Web Accessibility Engineer
World Wide Web Consortium, Web Accessibility Initiative
Telephone: +1.617.715.4017

Received on Tuesday, 10 September 2013 16:12:37 UTC