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> Hi, folks–
> I'd like to get this group started with some introductions. Could you  
> each please write a short email introducing yourself, what you do for a  
> living, where you work, etc.?

I'm chaals. I work for Yandex (for those who don't know, it is the main
search engine in Russia with a big majority of market share, and also
makes maps, a browser, provides email services, and lots lots more).
Before that I worked for Opera (the browser), W3C (in the semantic web and
WAI areas), and once upon a time I was a gardener and barman.

I live in Spain, and travel a fair bit. I've been involved in W3C for a
long time, I'm in a lot of working groups and on its advisory board.

> It would also be good if you could say what motivated you to join this  
> community group, and what you hope to get out of it?

I do various accessibility things. I'd love to see better accessibility
support in SVG tools (browsers, authoring and mangement systems, …) and to
have my aging document on the topic replaced by something better.

> So, in your introductions, maybe each of you could consider if one of  
> these questions resonates with you:
> * are you willing and able to write tests?

I can write tests.

> * are you willing and able to run tests on an AT that they are skilled  
> with?

I can use Yandex, and Opera and maybe Firefox browsers + MacOS builtin
tools (keyboard navigation, VoiceOver, Magnification) for testing.

> * are you willing and able to write use cases and requirements?


> * can you write code for sample apps?


> * can you attend a testing hackathon in the Bay Area?


> if so, when? (I'm thinking mid-late October)

Probably then.

I can also attend (and potentially organise) hackathons in Russia, I may
manage to attend Test the Web Forward in Shenzen in November, and can
maybe organise others in Europe too.



Charles McCathie Nevile - Consultant (web standards) CTO Office, Yandex         Find more at

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