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>I'd like to get this group started with some introductions. Could 
>you each please write a short email introducing yourself, what you 
>do for a living, where you work, etc.?

JS: I'm Jennifer Sutton, I live in the Bay Area, and I do Web 
accessibility testing as an independent consultant (among other 
things). I've been working on the Web since around 2001; George 
Kerscher and the DAISY Consortium gave me my start. Beginning in 
2009, I worked for several years with the Education and Outreach Working Group

>It would also be good if you could say what motivated you to join 
>this community group, and what you hope to get out of it?

JS: I was working with a client in May/June who was implementing SVG, 
I had high hopes for its accessibility (and to find documents that 
would help the developer), but I soon realized there was a bit of a 
gap.  So, I'm excited to help try to fill it.

I think SVG is/will become especially important in electronic 
textbooks and as the need for interactive infographics continues to 
grow. We need accessible representations of data that developers will 
find it easy to author and include accessibility when they do.


>So, in your introductions, maybe each of you could consider if one 
>of these questions resonates with you:
>* are you willing and able to write tests?

JS: No.

>* are you willing and able to run tests on an AT that they are skilled with?

JS: Yes.  I can use JFW and NVDA on the desktop, with IE and/or 
Firefox. And I can use Voiceover with IOS.  I'm learning VO with the 
Mac, but I won't be skilled enough in the next month or so to be an authority.

>* are you willing and able to write use cases and requirements?

JS: Yes.

>* can you write code for sample apps?

JS: No.

>* can you attend a testing hackathon in the Bay Area? if so, when? 
>(I'm thinking mid-late October)

JS: Very likely. and I'll do my best to recruit others who might be 
able to lend a hand.


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