SVG Working Group reborn

[see "please respond..." below, action needed...]


It's taken a while, but the SVG Working Group has been re-chartered;
I'm the new primary staff contact, with Chris Lilley having
approximately half an hour a week to help out.

Our new chair is Bogdan Brinza, copied on this message.

Probably we should start having regular teleconference calls, at least
for a while.

Previously, meetings were at 4:30pm Toronto time (EST/EDT):
I will have to schedule a new teleconference, so the details will
change; I'll send email. After the first call we can discuss changing
the time, depending on who has joined the group.

Please respond to this message (on the group) to say whether that time
works for you or not. This will also help us see who is actively
monitoring the list and who needs a gentle prod...

Coincidentally, I see there was some github activity over the weekend,
so maybe we are collectively awakening :)

The Working Group charter is at

The Working Group home page is at

There is also an older official WG page at:
and a page with the status of SVG specs:

If you're receiving this message you are subscribed to the SVG Working
Group list, and are participating; you can check your status with
and see who is in the group at


Liam Quin, W3C,
Staff contact for Verifiable Claims WG, SVG WG, XQuery WG

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