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[Transition Announcement] SVG Accessibility API Mappings 1.0 FPWD

Action 3728

Agenda: January 23, 2015 SVG Accessibility Task Force Meeting

Bogdan/Rossen - regrets for this week's call

Call for Exclusions: Compositing and Blending Level 1

Minutes: SVG Accessibility Task Force

No SVG Accessibility Task force meeting during the CSUN conference week

Redo of the SVG Accessibility Appendix


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SVG Accessibility API Mapping Specification

SVG-ACTION-3691: Call out transforms working the way we resolved as new feature

SVG-ACTION-3692: Get tests that would show what implementations are doing with transforms in fragments now

SVG-ACTION-3693: Get the svg 2 issues document on the wiki with doug's help

SVG-ACTION-3694: Add "data-*" attributes notes to spec.

SVG-ACTION-3695: Fix length to point to types chapter and flag unitless lengths

SVG-ACTION-3696: Look at applying context-* outside of referenced things.

SVG-ACTION-3697: Fix feturbulence for zero length vectors

SVG-ACTION-3698: Enact the forceredraw and text selection method resolutions here

SVG-ACTION-3699: : draft text to implement the resolution just passed re orientation of markers.

SVG-ACTION-3700: Compose email about intentions to devise the current spec, and move to a more rapid pace of updates

SVG-ACTION-3701: Add usage counters to blink to measure usage of animval / baseval

SVG-ACTION-3702: Write up a list of all new camelcase attributes with a proposal of how to handle them (e.g. rename, keep etc.)

SVG-ACTION-3703: Change embedded content chapter to allow these things from resolution: allow html nsed elements audio, video, canvas, iframe in an svg subtree as a child of a container element with the containing block being the nearest svg viewport and blockyfied

SVG-ACTION-3704: Write the svg layout spec

SVG-ACTION-3705: Convince hixie to make the hmtl parser changes + x/y presentation attributes on the canvas,... elements for svg

SVG-ACTION-3706: Allow templates in svg which needs html parser changes

SVG-ACTION-3707: Investigate which html elements like <link> we might want to also allow in svg

SVG-ACTION-3708: Reference integration spec and update conformance class for html support on foreignobject

SVG-ACTION-3709: Add stylesheet requirements to the spec

SVG-ACTION-3710: Remove xml:base/space/lang from the svg dom interface

SVG-ACTION-3711: write tests and come back to the svg for xml:base

SVG-ACTION-3712: Remove xml:lang in favor for hmtl lang

SVG-ACTION-3713: Write tests and come back to the svg for xml:base

SVG-ACTION-3714: Map xml:space to whitespace property values in css3 text

SVG-ACTION-3715: Verify that the svgpathseg interface use counter values are correct and to drop the interfaces if they are

SVG-ACTION-3716: Do the attribute lowercasing

SVG-ACTION-3717: Don't stop

SVG-ACTION-3718: Rework chapter 2 and incorporate references to external specifications

SVG-ACTION-3719: Merge 2.5 into 2.7-2.9

SVG-ACTION-3720: Resolve issue 2 in chapter 3

SVG-ACTION-3721: Mark classname as deprecated (issue 4 in chapter 3)

SVG-ACTION-3722: Specify that converttospecifiedunits should throw an exception if converting to percentage with 0-sized viewport.

SVG-ACTION-3723: Put this in the presentation attribute section

SVG-ACTION-3724: Do testing around currentscale, ctm, transform, viewport, etc. on 'svg' element

SVG-ACTION-3725: Measure usage

SVG-ACTION-3726: Specify something simple and consistent for timeline start in web animations.

SVG-ACTION-3727: Add the idl for <discard> and move it to animation chapter.

SVG-ACTION-3728: Talk to rich about issues 24/25 (terminology around title/desc/aria stuff)

SVG-ACTION-3729: Talk with pdr and dmitri about how to describe <use> with web components

SVG-ACTION-3730: Define viewport for external document when an element references an element in this document

SVG-ACTION-3731: Pausenaimations and onpauseanimations do not effect css animations

SVG-ACTION-3732: Update presentation property table

SVG-ACTION-3733: Investigate whether |symbol { overflow: hidden }| ua style sheet rule is needed

SVG-ACTION-3734: Further develop the protoype including with animation support

SVG-ACTION-3735: Add line-join:miter-clip to svg 2.

SVG-ACTION-3736: Add the new z behaviour.

SVG-ACTION-3737: Update textpath for text on a shape.

SVG-ACTION-3738: Mail www-svg about the symbol x/y/width/height issue and report back in two weeks

SVG-ACTION-3739: Add a new keyword value to the x and y properties that means use-the-list-of-lengths in the attributes, and set that with the ua stylesheet and add a note to say that it's still an open issue

SVG-ACTION-3740: Review the svg2 coordinate chapter

SVG-ACTION-3741: Make defer be ignored in par

SVG-ACTION-3742: Spec behaviour of getbbox on text

SVG-ACTION-3743: Make stable issue identifiers in the spec

SVG-ACTION-3744: Update spec for fill dictionary parameter when called on iframe, canvas, etc

SVG-ACTION-3745: Move catmull-rom to svg path module

SVG-ACTION-3746: Add use counter for multiple x/y values on text element

SVG-ACTION-3747: Take care of overflow section in the masking chapter

SVG-ACTION-3748: Finish css color 4 (with stuff from svg).

SVG-ACTION-3749: Make miter-limit work on arc line caps in this way

SVG-ACTION-3750: Make the text changes from today's meeting

SVG-ACTION-3751: Merge metadata chapter with document structure

SVG-ACTION-3752: Remove backwards compatibility

SVG-ACTION-3753: Add addendums to the svg readiness table

SVG-ACTION-3754: Summarize owners for chapters in

SVG-ACTION-3755: Check and remove appendix n: media type registration for image/svg+xml

SVG-ACTION-3756: Define the further steps for appendix e: accessibility support

SVG-ACTION-3757: Add <patch type="smooth-bicubic"> to the spec.

SVG-ACTION-3758: Investigate web-platform-tests for svg test suite and write up a wiki page

SVG-ACTION-3759: Fix outermost/innermost svg element definitions, checking where they're used currently

SVG-ACTION-3760: Make the '_replace' keyword for @target obsolete and add a note explaning why it was removed

SVG-ACTION-3761: Add text to say that svgview(transform()) will apply on as an additional transform outermost transform on the transform stack

SVG-ACTION-3762: Email www-style about :target and view fragments

SVG-ACTION-3763: Update svg 2 to make properties with <length>s compute down to absolute px values.

SVG-ACTION-3764: Talk to tab about implicit number units in properties

SVG-ACTION-3765: Add a note about avoiding unitless values

SVG-ACTION-3766: Make getintersectionlist and friend return a <use> but not the elements it references

SVG-ACTION-3767: Help erik test unusual elements inside <use>d subtrees

SVG-ACTION-3768: Think of an example of struct.html issue 32

SVG-ACTION-3769: Add purpose for markup within title/desc

SVG-ACTION-3770: Add an issue to describe the behaviour of markup within title/desc (regarding line breaking, at least)

SVG-ACTION-3771: Clean up the reference to xpointer in the spec

SVG-ACTION-3772: Reply to paul's email regarding bbox reference for paint servers

SVG-ACTION-3773: Create test case for preserveaspectratio defer

SVG-ACTION-3774: Come up with solution for issue 17 in co-ordinates and units

SVG-ACTION-3775: Compare focus text in svg spec vs html spec to determine the differences

Last message date: Thursday, 26 March 2015 21:24:18 UTC