RE: <tspan> and getBBox()

Excellent.  I wonder how <tspan /> got hosed in SVG 1.1 SE, but that's water under the bridge.  
Boeing has a HUGE usecase for tspan having getBBox().

Thomas Smailus, Ph.D.  P.E.
Boeing Information Technology

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Hi Thomas,

On 30/09/14 06:16, Smailus, Thomas O wrote:
> In SVG 1.1  <text /> implements SVGTextPositioningElement and 
> SVGTransformable (which in turn implments SVGLocatable and thus gives 
> <text/> getBBox() )
> <tspan /> doesn't implement SVGTransformable
> I see in the SVG 2 draft spec indicates "SVG 2 will allow transforms 
> on 'tspan'" ( ).
> Does this mean that <tspan /> will implement SVGTransformable and 
> finally get the much needed getBBox() function/method?

Yes, effectively.

> SVGTSpanElement  interface should inherit from SVGTransformable in 
> that case, correct?

The SVGTransformable interface was dropped in SVG 2 as part of moving to Web IDL (which doesn't allow multiple inheritance).  Its functionality is now all on SVGGraphicsElement, which SVGTSpanElement inherits from through SVGTextContentElement.

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