[svgwg] Remove some unused or duplicated terms from other specification.

commit 6efadbe06728c5f8d670189deb8d133c9c8f8f59
Author: Dirk Schulze <dschulze@chromium.org>
Date:   Mon Sep 1 12:04:47 2014 +0200

    Remove some unused or duplicated terms from other specification.

diff --git a/master/definitions-masking.xml b/master/definitions-masking.xml
index c937ba4..8e38d54 100644
--- a/master/definitions-masking.xml
+++ b/master/definitions-masking.xml
@@ -51,6 +51,11 @@
   <!-- ... grammar symbols ................................................ -->
   <!-- ... terms (these will be generated later) .......................... -->
+  <!-- ... elements, in alphabetic order ... -->
+  <term name='clipping path' href='#clipping-path'/>
+  <term name='clipping paths' href='#clipping-path'/>
+  <term name='masks' href='#masking0'/>
   <!-- === defined in other specifications ================================ -->
diff --git a/master/definitions.xml b/master/definitions.xml
index e95877d..6916292 100644
--- a/master/definitions.xml
+++ b/master/definitions.xml
@@ -1231,8 +1231,6 @@
   <term name='basic shape element' href='intro.html#TermBasicShapeElement'/>
   <term name='basic shapes' href='intro.html#TermBasicShapeElement'/>
   <term name='basic shape' href='intro.html#TermBasicShapeElement'/>
-  <term name='clipping path' href='intro.html#TermClippingPath'/>
-  <term name='clipping paths' href='intro.html#TermClippingPath'/>
   <term name='descriptive element' href='intro.html#TermDescriptiveElement'/>
   <term name='descriptive elements' href='intro.html#TermDescriptiveElement'/>
   <term name='fill' href='intro.html#TermFill'/>
@@ -1241,13 +1239,8 @@
   <term name='gradient elements' href='intro.html#TermGradientElement'/>
   <term name='graphics element' href='intro.html#TermGraphicsElement'/>
   <term name='graphics elements' href='intro.html#TermGraphicsElement'/>
-  <term name='light source element' href='intro.html#TermLightSourceElement'/>
-  <term name='light source elements' href='intro.html#TermLightSourceElement'/>
   <term name='markable element' href='intro.html#TermMarkableElement'/>
   <term name='markable elements' href='intro.html#TermMarkableElement'/>
-  <term name='mask' href='intro.html#TermMask'/>
-  <term name='masks' href='intro.html#TermMask'/>
-  <term name='masking' href='intro.html#TermMask'/>
   <term name='outermost svg element' href='intro.html#TermOutermostSVGElement'/>
   <term name='outermost svg elements' href='intro.html#TermOutermostSVGElement'/>
   <term name='paint server element' href='intro.html#TermPaintServerElement'/>
diff --git a/master/intro.html b/master/intro.html
index fc1ec8d..50bb484 100644
--- a/master/intro.html
+++ b/master/intro.html
@@ -235,13 +235,13 @@ sense in the body of the specification?</p>
 <p class="issue">There should be a separate section that lists
 element and attribute categories and their members.</p>
-<dl class='definitions'>
-  <dt id="TermAnimationElement">animation element</dt>
+<dl class='definitions'  data-dfn-type="dfn" data-export="">
+  <dt id="TermAnimationElement"><dfn>animation element</dfn></dt>
   <dd>An animation element is an element that can be used to animate
   the attribute or property value of another element. The following elements
   are animation elements: <edit:elementcategory name='animation'/>.</dd>
-  <dt id="TermAnimationEventAttribute">animation event attribute</dt>
+  <dt id="TermAnimationEventAttribute"><dfn>animation event attribute</dfn></dt>
   <dd>An animation event attribute is an <a>event attribute</a> that specifies
   script to run for a particular animation-related event.  See
   <a href="script.html#AnimationEvents">Animation event attributes</a>.
@@ -254,13 +254,13 @@ element and attribute categories and their members.</p>
  and WAI-ARIA <a href="http://www.w3.org/TR/wai-aria/states_and_properties">Supported States and Properties</a>.
   The aria attributes are <edit:attributecategory name='aria'/>.</dd>
-  <dt id="TermBasicShapeElement">basic shape</dt>
+  <dt id="TermBasicShapeElement"><dfn>basic shape</dfn></dt>
   <dt id="TermShapeElement">shape</dt>
   <dd>A graphics element that is defined by some combination of
   straight lines and curves. Specifically:
   <edit:elementcategory name='shape'/>.</dd>
-  <dt id="TermBoundingBox"><dfn data-dfn-type="dfn" data-export id="bounding-box">bounding box</dfn></dt>
+  <dt id="TermBoundingBox"><dfn id="bounding-box">bounding box</dfn></dt>
     <p>A bounding bounding box is the tightest fitting rectangle aligned with the axes of that element's <a>user coordinate system</a> that entirely encloses it and its descendants.
     There are three kinds of bounding boxes that can be computed
@@ -279,17 +279,7 @@ element and attribute categories and their members.</p>
   <a href="coords.html">Coordinate Systems, Transformations and
-  <dt id="TermClippingPath">clipping path</dt>
-  <dd>A combination of <a>'path'</a>, <a>'text'</a>
-  and <a>basic shapes</a> which serve as the
-  outline of a (in the absence of anti-aliasing) 1-bit mask,
-  where everything on the "inside" of the outline is allowed to
-  show through but everything on the outside is masked out. See
-  <a href="https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/FXTF/raw-file/default/css-masking-1/index.html#clipping-paths">Clipping paths</a>
-  from <a href="https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/FXTF/raw-file/default/css-masking-1/index.html"><cite>CSS Masking</cite></a>
-  ([<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS-MASKING">CSS-MASKING</a>], section 8).</dd>
-  <dt id="TermContainerElement">container element</dt>
+  <dt id="TermContainerElement"><dfn id="container-element">container element</dfn></dt>
   <dd>An element which can have graphics elements and other
   container elements as child elements. Specifically:
   <edit:elementcategory name='container'/>.</dd>
@@ -305,7 +295,7 @@ element and attribute categories and their members.</p>
 <div class="ready-for-wider-review">
 <dl class="definitions">
-  <dt id="TermContextElement">context element</dt>
+  <dt id="TermContextElement"><dfn id="context-element">context element</dfn></dt>
   <dd>The context element of an element is defined as follows:
     <li>If the element is within a <a>'marker element'</a>, and
@@ -419,12 +409,12 @@ element and attribute categories and their members.</p>
   <a href="script.html#GraphicsEvents">Event attributes on graphics and container elements</a>.
   The graphical event attributes are <edit:attributecategory name='graphical event'/>.</dd>
-  <dt id="TermGraphicsElement">graphics element</dt>
+  <dt id="TermGraphicsElement"><dfn id="graphics-element">graphics element</dfn></dt>
   <dd>One of the element types that can cause graphics to be
   drawn onto the target canvas. Specifically:
   <edit:elementcategory name='graphics'/>.</dd>
-  <dt id="TermGraphicsReferencingElement">graphics referencing element</dt>
+  <dt id="TermGraphicsReferencingElement"><dfn id="graphics-referencing-element">graphics referencing element</dfn></dt>
   <dd>A graphics element which uses a reference to a different
   document or element as the source of its graphical content.
   Specifically: <edit:elementcategory name='graphics referencing'/>.</dd>
@@ -469,12 +459,6 @@ element and attribute categories and their members.</p>
-  <dt id="TermLightSourceElement">light source element</dt>
-  <dd>A light source element is one that can specify light source
-  information for an <a>'feDiffuseLighting'</a> or <a>'feSpecularLighting'</a>
-  element.  The following light source elements are defined in SVG 1.1:
-  <edit:elementcategory name='light source'/>.</dd>
   <dt id="TermLocalURLReference">local URL reference</dt>
   <dd>An Internationalized Resource Identifier [<a href="refs.html#ref-RFC3987">RFC3987</a>] that does
   not include an <span class="code-fragment">&lt;absoluteURL&gt;</span> or
@@ -490,15 +474,6 @@ element and attribute categories and their members.</p>
   The following elements are markable elements:
   <edit:elementcategory name='markable'/></dd>
-  <dt id="TermMask">mask</dt>
-  <dd>A <a>container element</a>
-  which can contain <a>graphics elements</a>
-  or other container elements which define a set of graphics
-  that is to be used as a semi-transparent mask for compositing
-  foreground objects into the current background. See
-  <a href="https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/FXTF/raw-file/default/css-masking-1/index.html"><cite>CSS Masking</cite></a>
-  [<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS-MASKING">CSS-MASKING</a>].</dd>
   <dt id="TermNonLocalURLReference">non-local URL reference</dt>
   <dd>An Internationalized Resource Identifier [<a href="refs.html#ref-RFC3987">RFC3987</a>] that
   includes an <span class="code-fragment">&lt;absoluteURL&gt;</span> or

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