svg2: Fix markup errors.

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user:      Cameron McCormack <>
date:      Tue Aug 26 00:24:26 2014 +1000
Fix markup errors.


 master/masking.html |  2 +-
 master/types.html   |  2 +-
 2 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diffs (44 lines):

diff --git a/master/masking.html b/master/masking.html
--- a/master/masking.html
+++ b/master/masking.html
@@ -180,17 +180,17 @@ going to work in the furture. Sadly, the
   no scrolling user interface should be provided.
   <li>The initial value for <a>'overflow'</a> as defined
   in [<a href="">CSS21-overflow</a>]
   is 'visible', and this applies also to the <a>rootmost 'svg' element</a>; however,
   for child elements of an SVG document, SVG's <a href="styling.html#UAStyleSheet">user agent style sheet</a>
   overrides this initial value and sets the <a>'overflow'</a> property on the 
-   <a>'svg'</a>, ,a>'image'</a>, <a>'pattern'</a> and <a>'iframe'</a> elements
+   <a>'svg'</a>, <a>'image'</a>, <a>'pattern'</a> and <a>'iframe'</a> elements
    to the value <span class="prop-value">hidden</span>.</li>
 <p>As a result of the above, the default behavior of SVG user agents is to
 establish a clipping path to the bounds of the initial
 <a href="coords.html#SVGViewport">viewport</a> and to establish a new clipping
 path for each <a href="coords.html#ElementsThatEstablishViewports">element which
 establishes a new viewport</a> and each <a>'pattern'</a> and
diff --git a/master/types.html b/master/types.html
--- a/master/types.html
+++ b/master/types.html
@@ -376,17 +376,17 @@ attributes, including presentation attri
     <p>Within the SVG DOM, an &lt;integer&gt; is represented as a
     <span class="DOMInterfaceName">long</span> or an
   <dt id="DataTypeLanguageID">&lt;languageID&gt;</dt>
   <dd>A language identifier specifies the language of text or other items in SVG.
-  The syntax is given by [<a href='refs.html#ref-BCP47'>BCP47</a>].
+  The syntax is given by [<a href='refs.html#ref-BCP47'>BCP47</a>].</dd>
   <dt id="DataTypeLength">&lt;length&gt;</dt>
     <p>A length is a distance measurement, given as a number along with a unit
     which may be optional. Lengths are specified in one of two ways depending
     upon whether they are used in CSS <a>property</a> syntax or SVG
     <a>presentation attribute</a> syntax:</p>

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