svg2: Don't say tabIndex is read only in the prose section.

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user:      Cameron McCormack <>
date:      Fri Jul 04 08:04:54 2014 +1000
Don't say tabIndex is read only in the prose section.


 master/types.html |  2 +-
 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diffs (22 lines):

diff --git a/master/types.html b/master/types.html
--- a/master/types.html
+++ b/master/types.html
@@ -1503,17 +1503,17 @@ SVG language (such as the <a>SVGPathElem
       <dt id="__svg__SVGElement__viewportElement" class="attribute"><b>viewportElement</b><span class="idl-type-parenthetical"> (readonly <a class="idlinterface" href="types.html#InterfaceSVGElement">SVGElement</a>)</span></dt>
       <dd class="attribute">
           The element which established the current viewport. Often, the nearest
           ancestor <a>'svg'</a> element. Null if the given element is the
           <a>outermost svg element</a>.
-      <dt id="__svg__SVGElement__tabIndex" class="attribute"><b>tabIndex</b><span class="idl-type-parenthetical"> (readonly long)</span></dt>
+      <dt id="__svg__SVGElement__tabIndex" class="attribute"><b>tabIndex</b><span class="idl-type-parenthetical"> (long)</span></dt>
       <dd class="attribute">
           The tabIndex attribute must <a href="">reflect</a> the value of the <a href="interact.html#sequential-focus-navigation-and-the-tabindex-attribute">tabindex</a> content attribute. Its default value is 0 for elements that are directly focusable, such as through keyboard tabbing in browsers that support that functionality, and −1 for elements that are not focusable without programmatic intervention.
   <dt class="operations">Operations:</dt>

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