Re: reference images displaying differently on Mac

On Thursday, March 10, 2011, 12:00:36 AM, Cameron wrote:

CM> Hi WG.

CM> I have ACTION-2953 to investigate the reference images display
CM> differently on Mac.  I suspect it is the well-known issue of Macs using
CM> different gamma correction:


Although, OSX 10.5 (I think it was that one) changed the Mac system gamma from the old 1.8-ish value to 2.2.

CM> Chris, would there be anything wrong with using pngcrush to remove the
CM> gAMA and sRGB chunks from the reference PNGs?  I verified that this
CM> makes the SVG and reference PNGs render with the same colours on Mac and
CM> Windows.

What happens if you remove gAMA and leave sRGB?

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