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Hi Tav and Cameron,

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> Hi Tav,
> Tavmjong Bah:
> > By default the transformation center is the center of the bounding
> box
> > but it can be changed by the user. Inkscape automatically sets these
> > attributes to the center if one uses the start/polygon tool to draw
> > the star. It seems to be that a transformation center is a natural
> > property of an object. We should consider adding this to the list of
> > allowed properties and then use this point as the center point for
> > rotation, scaling, and skewing, if it is set.
> This seems similar to the transform-origin property from the Transforms
> specs:
> transforms/spec/2DTransforms.html#transform-origin-prop-attr

> I believe Anthony is gathering up the issues that have already been
> discussed in the FX TF regarding harmonising SVG and CSS transforms,
> and I am not sure whether a solution to “the transform-origin problem”
> has been proposed/accepted yet.  (The problem being that SVG elements
> need a default of “top left” while CSS needs “50% 50%”.)

Correct. List of issues can be found on the wiki [1]

I'm pretty sure that the current version of the spec [2] addresses the transform-origin default value problem.




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